We are proud to partner with local community organizations and networks to collaborate on programming and research.

Collaborative Partnerships

  1. Race & Democracy in Northeast Ohio: a collaboration with KSU’s School of Peace and Conflict Studies and Center for Pan-African Culture, with funding support from Mark Lewine¬† and John Gray Paynther Program. (Arki, Boyd-Swan, Gurung, Nickels)
  2. Demystifying Policy-Centered Research: a collaboration with the Scholar Strategy Network of Northeast Ohio. (Nickels & Boyd-Swan)

Engaged Research Projects

  1. Documenting Cleveland: a community-engaged research collaboration with Cleveland Documenters and Dr. Meghan Rubado from Cleveland State University. (Nickels)
  2. Race & Democracy Photovoice Project: a community-engaged project, organized in collaboration with the School of Peace and Conflict Studies, Center for Pan African Culture, with support from the Anti-Racism and Equity Institute. (Arki, Boyd-Swan, Nickels)

Other Research Projects

  1. Community Development and Local Democracy in Cleveland (Nickels)
  2. Podcasts as New Literacies for Anti-Oppression (Arki, Boyd-Swan, Nickels)