Race & Democracy in Northeast Ohio, Community-Engaged Research

Co-PIs (Drs. Ashley Nickels, Casey Boyd-Swan, Shemariah Arki, and Anuj Gurung)

Part of a series that will include a 10-episode podcast series focused specifically on the intersections of race and democracy in northeast Ohio, community workshops on the topic of race and democracy, online curricular materials (activities, toolkit, concept pages), Blog posts, and a white paper. This collaborative partnership was made possible with funding from Mark Lewine and the John Gray Paynther Program.

Research Updates:

  • Race & Democracy Intern, Jo Cottrill, developed an annotated bibliography on Race and Democracy in Northeast Ohio.
  • Race & Democracy in Northeast Ohio, Photo Voice Project (details coming soon).

RDNO Curricular Materials:

RDNO Podcast Episodes:

  • Series 6, Episode 0, Introduction Episode, introducing guest hosts Anuj Gurung and Shemariah Arki
  • Series 6, Episode 1 with Dr. Elaine Hsiao (Associate Professor, Kent State University, School Peace and Conflict Studies)
  • Series 6, Episode 2 with Professors Nishani Frazier (Associate Professor of American Studies and History at University of Kansas) and Ayesha Bell Hardaway (Associate Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law) 
  • Series 6, Episode 3 with Tessa Xuan and Suparna Bhaskaran

RDNO Events: