Co-Organizer & Podcast Co-Host
Casey Boyd-Swan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Kent State University. Dr. Boyd-Swan has a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Public Policy.

Her research focuses on public policy issues related to parental employment, early education labor markets, and child and family well-being.

Co-Organizer & Podcast Co-Host
Ashley Nickels, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Kent State University. Dr. Nickels has a Ph.D. in Public Affairs with a specialization in Community Development.

Her research focuses on urban politics, local governance, and nonprofits.

Podcast Producer
David Jirsa, MPA. graduated from Kent State University with a master’s degree in public administration and a graduate certificate in nonprofit management. While at Kent State, Dave worked as an intern and then was promoted to Project Manager for the Growing Democracy Project, before assuming his current role as Podcast Producer.





Podcast Sound Engineer
Gheramy Demery, Golden Ox Studio.

Benjamin Jakubowski is a current student of Kent State’s School of Peace and Conflict Studies and holds an Associate of Arts from Cuyahoga Community College. He is dedicated to  education and betterment of the world.






Emily Murnane is a junior at Kent State University. She has a major in political science and a minor in Italian studies.