The Growing Democracy Project is looking for photovoice participants. 

Photovoice is a community-engaged art project that uses photography and storytelling to describe the strengths, weaknesses, and overall health of our community. Photovoice asks community members, like you, to take photos that describe your community.

Our photovoice project focuses on the intersection of race and democracy to raise awareness and promote discussion. To better understand, engage with, and incorporate community perspectives, GDP’s photovoice asks northeast Ohio communities: What does race and democracy look like to you? 

The project build on the success of our Race & Democracy in Northeast Ohio series, where we examined the intersections of race and democracy in northeast Ohio, contributing to GDP’s commitment to social justice through a race-conscious lens. 

Photovoice submissions will be reviewed by Kent State faculty and students. Accepted submissions will be presented at an exhibition in January 2023, offering opportunities for the broader community to view the photos and reflect on the narratives of northeast Ohio residents. The exhibition aims to generate dialogue around the relationship between race and democracy and to foster deeper understanding of community perspectives. 

Interested in participating?

  • Submit your photos and reflective narratives here. 
  • This project has a rolling submission deadline from March 1, 2022 to November 15, 2022.

Want to know more about the Race & Democracy in Northeast Ohio series?

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Project organizers: 

Shemariah Arki, Ed.D.

Ashley Nickels, Ph.D.

Casey Boyd-Swan, Ph.D.

Brooke Moeller, GDP Outreach and Research Assistant (2022)

Paige Scott, GDP Research Assistant (2022)

Special thanks to: 

Molly Merryman, Ph.D., for project consultation and expert guidance on developing a photovoice project

Kent State University’s Anti-Racism and Equity Institute for providing financial support for this project.

Mark Lewine and the John Gray Paynther program for providing financial support for the Race and Democracy and Northeast Ohio series.